Who We Are

As non-paid public servants, we see our function as part of an unending commitment to Family Service of Northwest Ohio and its people by ensuring that through FSNO and its community of counselors, medical staff, and volunteers, we aspire to transmit outstanding care, move toward a more humane and caring world, and to bring fresh vision and empower families to manage life’s challenges.

Board of Trustees

Stephen Hartman

Paulette Huber-Mills
Immediate Past Chairman

Timothy Croak
1st Vice Chairman

Tim Yenrick
Executive Director


Cecelia Adams, PhD.
Lori Edgeworth
Heather Foor
Chris Kozak
Ryan Leininger, CPA CVA
Marsha Manahan
Jeffrey Marchal
C. Thomas McCarter
Gordon MacRitchie
Philip Peake
Richard Rudnicki
Keith Torbet
Scott Williams