Success Stories

To empower families by providing high quality and affordable counseling, home care, outreach, advocacy, and prevention education services to Northwest Ohio families.

Don’t allow your situation to bring you down

Imagine being so consumed by anxiety and paranoia that you have alarms placed on every door of your home, you stop sleeping, and you won’t let your children go outside to play.

This was the life of 24 year old Adam when he began counseling at the Family Service Counseling Center of Wood County in August. After three months of treatment, Adam is inspired by the progress he has made. He has removed the alarms, lets his children go outside and has even made some new friends.

Adam realizes that more work lies ahead of him, but he now feels happy and is enjoying his life. He hopes that people will be proactive in their life. “Don’t allow your situation to bring you down and prevent you from moving on with your life,” says Adam. I feel so much better after talking my problems over with my therapist”

Home Care Options has become a life line for Jack

Jack is a 58 year old male who was in an automobile accident in 1969. At that time he suffered from a spinal fracture in his cervical spine rendering him an incomplete quadriplegic. He has no feeling from his chest down and has very limited use of one hand and arm. He is at the mercy of others to provide the most basic care for him. Jack is married and his wife is also wheelchair bound. She works outside the home and provides care for Jack every day after work and on weekends.

Jack came to Home Care Options as a client in June of 2002. He is dependent on others for every aspect of his life. We provide a home health aide five days a week. She gets him out of bed daily, bathes him, and provides general grooming such as oral care, shaving, and dressing. The aide also provides him with food and drink for the day until his wife returns home.

Jack now has a motorized wheel chair which he is able to maneuver about his home. Home Care Options has become a life line for Jack. Our service means more than just a bath and some food, although without that he could not possibly remain in his home alone. He expresses his appreciation for companionship. He looks forward to having someone to talk to daily.

Without the funding along with the cost share that Jack pays on a sliding scale fee, he would not be able to afford to remain in his home. What Home Care Options provides is not a luxury but a basic human right for Jack to remain in his home, to be safe, clean and fed. For the past seven and a half years we have been able to provide this safety net for him.